Our Charter as Platinum Centre

Our continued success depends on each of us upholding our vision and the purpose of our work and existence. It also requires that we help to ensure that everyone at Knightsbridge knows how these apply to our work. We want our customers, students, colleagues and business partners to know that we do what we say, and we say what we mean. This reputation, which is based on over two decades of experience in the teaching and examinations fields, our passion for education and our aim not to lose sight of our promises, is what sets us apart. It is the foundation of our organisation.


This brochure aims to demonstrate how we can help you set up your very own Cambridge English Teaching Programme and provide your students with an opportunity which has never been available before. You can become a Cambridge English Preparation Centre in your own right and prepare your own students for a Cambridge Certification with our support and guidance.


Our Vision to ensure all school-going children have access to an English programme and certification which is internationally recognised.


Our Values are reflected in the way that we work with our partners and our commitment to their and their students’ success.


Our Purpose to make Cambridge English certification available to all who need it and help pave a better future for the youth of today.


We are committed to excellence.

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