INOV Contacto certification / Recruitment test

INOV Contacto candidates/applicants can sit all the modules of the test at Knightsbridge to prove your language level - Reading & Listening, Speaking and Writing. Results issued in less than 48 hours!

- This is the only on-demand test available in Portugal.

- This is the only test that allows you the results in 48 hours (technology permitting)

- You can resit only one module if you wish to improve one part of the test & get a new report with the full results again.

Qualificação comprovada de língua inglesa (Leitura, Escrita, Compreensão Auditiva e Expressão Oral) à data da candidatura ao programa.*

* Todos os candidatos terão que apresentar um comprovativo de qualificação de língua inglesa. (site


For work requirements and Recruitment

Ensure you get that job you apply for by proving your English or make sure you recruit the right person for the job.



Contact us and schedule your exam date and time: OR 225096032 / 919329161

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