4th National Knightsbridge & Cambridge English Conference and Award Ceremony

What better way to start the year with self-development and renewed energy to give your students the very best.

This year we will have a fascinating talk about the inside workings of Cambridge in malpractice situations – be better prepared to warn your students about these issues and to answer questions if one of your students is ever one of the ones being investigated. Hopefully that won’t ever happen but what goes on behind the scenes to investigate these issues is very interesting.

There will also be a talk on ‘reading’ skills by Cambridge – which is a skill that is in decline and at higher levels these are fast becoming an issue.

And there will be a talk by two of the best teachers I know – Julie Dawes & Angie Oliveira – can’t release name of talk yet but all I can say is YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS IT! ๐Ÿ˜Š

Followed by the Award Ceremony and raffle(prizes for everyone!)

Please if you have not sent in your enrolment please do so as soon as possible. Deadline 20th January but don’t wait to avoid disappointment. If you have already enrolled and sent in your form and proof of payment thank you and your place is guaranteed.

A cocktail lunch will be provided.

Fee per person
(Conference, coffee break & lunch included): €35.00

For more information contact: porto@knightsbridge.com.pt 


Please find the application form and enrolment procedure on this page. 

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