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Our Charter as Platinum Centre

At Knightsbridge, we aim to uphold our vision, purpose and principles and at the same time being the best professionals we can be. Our business has grown from strength to strength based on our fundamental values and our commitment to creating opportunity for all, as our motto says ‘Prepare Today for a Better Tomorrow’. It is also our work with the local communities and education sector...... Read More

going global

Going Global:What's Next? Conference

“Going Global: What’s Next?” foi o tema da conferência promovida pelo Knightsbridge Examination & Training Centre e pelo Cambridge English Language Assessment no dia 15 de janeiro, em Sintra. A Forum Estudante esteve lá e conta como foi. Durante a conferência, os cerca de 60 participantes, maioritariamente diretores de Agrupamentos de Escolas, foram consciencializados...... Read More

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