Individual Candidates please note certificates will only be posted by special request as we do not usually do this for security reasons, i.e. certificate getting lost or damaged in transit. We usually send an email for these to be picked up when they arrive.

If you wish to receive your certificate by mail we will not be held responsible for anything that might happen in transit. As we have to post this with special card to avoid damage and has to be registered mail so that we have a tracking of the item sent in case of loss this does incur a cost. For more information contact

Exams Costs
Pre A1 Starters €68.50
A1 Movers €68.50
A2 Flyers €68.50
A2 Key 97.00
A2 Key for Schools 97.00
B1 Preliminary 101.00
B1 Preliminary for Schools 101.00
B2 First 179.00
B2 First for Schools 179.00
C1 Advanced 185.00
C2 Proficiency 190.00
TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test) €65.00/module
BULATS €65.00- Reading/Listening Module